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ALINA's B&B. Tatev Village

Name:  Alina's B&B

Number of rooms available:  4

Number of guests accommodated
at a time:  8

Location:  13 house, 12 str.,
Tatev village, 3218,
Syunik region, Armenia

Director:  Mrs. Norvard Movsisyan

Tel.:  (+374 94) 51 53 37


Located in Tatev village, where Tatev Monastery complex and the longest reversible aerial tramway in the world, i.e. “Wings of Tatev” are situated, Alina’s B&B provides 4 guest rooms with 8 total places. It offers cold-hot water, 3 bathrooms, a washing machine, a refrigerator. Items for hygiene (shampoo, soap, towels) are provided. This guesthouse features free Wi-Fi, cable TV and a parking zone.

The owners of the B&B have a front-door orchard where the following organic fruits/berries are grown which can be picked and tasted by the guests: apple, pear, grape, walnut, potato, beans, tomato, cucumber, etc. The owners of the B&B have a car and speak English, thus, they can also organize trips serving as guides for their guests to Tatev Monastery complex, Tatev Mets Anapat (Great Hermitage of Tatev), Devil’s Bridge, Harsnadzor watchtower, Aramazd mountain as well as other sightseeing places of the area since they are well familiar with the histories of those places. One can also spend time at the B&B watching the process of beekeeping in action, or how homemade vodka or wine is made locally. Full relaxation can be achieved in the rural noiseless atmosphere at Alina’s B&B.

All-organic breakfast is offered every day here (the B&B owners have their own beehives and, therefore, they serve the guests with home-made eggs). As for other meals, guests can prepare these for themselves in the shared kitchen (there is also a barbeque facility provided by the B&B) or try the homemade local Armenian food offered by the B&B. The food can also be served in the open air – at the balcony or at the orchard in front of the B&B.


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