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Tatev region and its villages are the right place to experience authentic Armenian cuisine and produce, as the region is famous for its numerous unique dishes, preserves, natural herbs, honey, beans, beverages, etc., such as:

  • Lavash, Armenian traditional flat bread, baked in underground fireplaces called “tonirs”, which can be found in many local houses and some lavash bakeries of the region.

  • Zhengyalov hats (translated as “bread with “zhengyal”, where the latter is a type of a local eatable herb), which is a scrumptious flat dough filled with a variety of fresh herbs and baked or fried.

  • Chortan, which is a soup made from tan (the latter is a drink made from diluted matzoun (local yoghurt)), which is vaporized or infiltrated and the paste received as the result is dried under the sun in the form of pellets for winter, when then it is watered down, turned into fluid, from which the soup is prepared.

  • Dolma, an Armenian traditional dish, presenting a variety of different vegetables (grape leaves, cabbage, tomato, pepper, eggplant, etc.) filled with a mixture of meat, rice, spices, greens, etc, boiled and served warm.

  • Ghapama, an Armenian delicacy stuffed pumpkin dish, prepared by removing the guts of the pumpkin and stuffing it with boiled rice and dried fruits such as chopped almonds, apple, cornel, apricot, plums, dates, prunes and raisins.

  • Khorovatz, Armenian barbecue.

  • Khash, a dish of a cow's boiled feet and stomach, which is a nutritious winter food, served with dried lavash and garlic.

  • Harissa, a hearty wheat and chicken porridge.

  • Flavorful local beans cooked in numerous tasty ways.

  • Homemade vodka from mulberry, cornel, plum, etc.

  • Different types of fruit preserves (especially the ones with walnut, fig, apricot, rose petals, raspberry, mulberry, etc.).

  • Herbal tea made with local thyme, spearmint, hypericum, as well as other types of local herbs.

  • Local honey.

  • Gata, Armenian sweet bread with filling.

Most of the B&Bs presented on this website serve local food for the tourists. However, there are also restaurants/cafes/places to eat in the region which are also great points to taste the exquisite traditional Armenian cuisine. These are presented below:

TATEVATUN Restaurant-Cafe

Halidzor village (adjacent to Wings of Tatev Ropeway),  tel. (+374 94) 55 42 66,


Next to Halidzor-Tatev main road, near Halidzor village,  tel. (+374 94/99) 22 62 88


Next to Halidzor-Tatev main road, near Halidzor village,  tel. (+374 94) 10 21 22


Tatev village (adjacent to Wings of Tatev Ropeway),  tel. (+374 93) 84 56 32,


Tatev village (adjacent to Wings of Tatev Ropeway),  tel. (+374 93) 57 59 60

TATEV Tavern

Tatev village (adjacent to Wings of Tatev Ropeway),  tel. (+374 94) 00 41 48


Shinuhayr Highway, 18 building, Shinuhayr Village,  tel. (+374 93) 41 92 60

HALE Lavash Bakery and Food Service

Next to Halidzor-Tatev main road (2.3 km from the Halidzor Aerial Ropeway Station),  tel. (+374 77) 75 33 22


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