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Activities for Traveler. AGRI-TOURISM IN TATEV REGION

Agri-tourism is widespread all over Armenia, and when in Tatev region, tourists can choose from a wide range of agri-tourism activities that may include:


 learning about lavash (Armenian traditional flat bread, baked in underground fireplaces called “tonirs”, which can be found in many local houses) and taking part in the process of its preparation, tasting it,
 following the making of “zhengyalov hats” (translated as “bread with “zhengyal”, where the latter is a type of a local eatable herb), which is a delicious flat dough filled with a variety of fresh herbs and baked or fried,
 experiencing the flavor of local honey and following the process of beekeeping,
 watching the process of animal-breeding (cows, sheep) and making of homemade dairy production (local pure milk, cheese, madzoun (local yoghurt), butter, etc.), as well as tasting them,
 getting to know the process of cultivation of potato, beans, cucumber, pumpkin, etc.,
 picking and eating fruits and vegetables from the local orchards,
 following the process of making homemade preserves from fruits and vegetables,
 learning about homemade wine or vodka making process, tasting them,
 riding horses,
 or shopping in local farm gift shops and farm stands next to Tatev monastery for local and regional produce or hand-crafted gifts and souvenirs.

Activities in Tatev region may also involve taking part in the local events, such as:


Sheep Shearing Festival, which is held annually on the first Saturday of June at Halidzor station of the aerial tramway Wings of Tatev. Special pavilions for soft drinks, picnic areas, a playground are designated at the festival. Samples of national crafts and weaving, local food, drinks, preserves, herbs are also displayed by the local craftsmen and rural people, and may be purchased on-site. Different activities are also presented to the visitors, such as dancing of Armenian national dances, singing of Armenian national songs. However, sheep shearing competition between the local sheep-shearers is at the highlight of the festival, where the “quickest and the most nimble” of them is chosen. Follow the Sheep Shearing Festival official Facebook page to know the dates of the current year’s festival.

Terendez (Trndez), which is the holiday of Presentation of Jesus to the Church (Ternendarach) celebrate annually by the Armenian Apostolic Church 40 days after Jesus's birth, on February 13. The celebration of Trndez is pagan in origin and is originally connected with sun/fire worship in ancient pre-Christian Armenia, symbolizing the coming of spring and fertility.


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