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Sightseeing Places. DEVIL's BRIDGE

The Devil’s Bridge (Satani Kamurj) is one of the most gorgeous and marvelous natural miracles of Tatev region, located in the canyon of Vorotan river (also referred to as “Armenia’s magnificent canyon”) to the east of Tatev village in the depth of 700-800 meters. In such a depth the gorge is so narrow that the sun rays hardly ever reach the bridge and the bottom.
The height between the bridge and the river is 100 meters. The bridge is 30 meters long, 50-60 meters wide and is surrounded by mountainous springs. The waters of these springs have given pink, yellow and green coloring to the rocks of the canyon. A peak of the nature’s creativity, the bridge is formed by travertine and it took centuries during which huge masses of limestone gathered and eventually “built” the bridge, together with the stalactites loosely hanging at the edges of the bridge. In some parts where there are hot springs, natural bathes have occurred by the nature’s grace which can also be used for medical purposes. The area underneath the bridge resembles a huge stalactite cave.


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