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Hiking is one of the most attractive activities to get involved upon reaching to Tatev region, where the stunning natural and centuries-old historical monuments and sceneries have created all the necessary conditions for long and vigorous walks in the countryside.
There are different hiking trails in the region which are all worth experiencing if you are a real lover of walking in the fresh air and are keen on appreciating stunning views in the nature in terms of your aesthetic qualities. These track ways, which vary in difficulty, may last from 2 to 8 hours. All of them stretch across spectacular mountain terrain and can meet the abilities of different age groups with average physical fitness.

Some of them are presented below:


 Halidzor Cableway Station (or Halidzor village) - Abandoned settlements of the region (Old Khot, Old Shinuhayr, Old Halidzor villages).
 Tatev village – Mets Anapat Monastery (The Great Hermitage of Tatev) – Devil’s Bridge.
 Tatev village – Harzhis village (during which you’ll be able to see Caravanserai Kotrats, lake Harzhis, Old Harzhis village, Tomb of King Alan, the ruined Kurdish village of Kertser).
 Circular route: Halidzor Cableway Station (or Halidzor village) – Old Halidzor Village – Harants Anapat Monastery (Hermitage of Harants) ruins – Halidzor Cableway Station (or Halidzor village).
 Tatev village – Aramazd mountain (3399 m).
 Tatev Village – Mount Petroskhach (Petroskhach Lookout Point) – Tatev Monastery.
 Circular route: Halidzor Cableway Station – Old Halidzor Village – Halidzor Cableway Station.
 Circular route: Tatev Village – Mets Anapat Monastery – The Devil’s Bridge – Tatev Village

Some tips to know and get ready for the hiking tours in the region.


 Take with you a lot of water and plan its use cautiously.
 Wear long pants and boots, because there may be snakes along the trails.
 Have sunscreen and wear a hat to prevent sunburn (even on cloudy or cold days), as long stretches of the track ways are without shade.

Contact Wings of Tatev Aerial Ropeway ( or Tatev Info Center ( or the B&Bs you stay with, for getting local maps, directions or information of local guides who can lead you to take your hiking tours.


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