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A legend states the following: a young man and woman once were traveling along the ravine edge. They were unexpectedly attacked by Persian soldiers. The man was killed, while his bride, deciding she would rather die than be taken captive, crossed herself and jumped into the ravine. Her dress miraculously inflated and gently lowered her to the ground. Ever since then, this part of Vorotan Gorge has been named Harsnadzor (“Gorge of the Bride”). The watchtower point still remains directly above the gorge – the third in a chain of warnings developed in the Zangezur Mountains in case of enemy attack. Seeing a foe, the guards in Kordzor struck an alarm, the bell in Khot relayed the news, and then the watch point in Harsnadzor and, finally, the big bell at Tatev Monastery, whose ring was heard across a 50 km radius. Enemies severed the chain of notification when they burned the bell in Khot. Today, remaining in the Harsnadzor watch point is the rotunda with the chains that once supported the bell.


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